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About Us

What We Do

Our philosophy is: if you do something just once, do it right.

Most people who come on our tours are participating in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our approach is to ensure that you get the maximum that experience has to offer.

Our unique selling point is: unique to Munich.

You will not find us in any other city. There is no Radius Amsterdam, no Radius Barcelona. We are not a franchise. We are not a brand. We have no standard tour. Our guides follow no script. Each is different. Each is individual. Each is unique. What unites them is that all give their best.

When you come on a Radius tour, you are experiencing something that has been conceived at every level by people who live in Munich and Bavaria, who love this place they call home, who want to share their enthusiasm about it with you, and who take pride in what they do.

Our advice: when you visit Munich, drink wheat beer. You can get a coffee to go anywhere.

Who We Are

Radius Tours is one of Munich’s longest-running English-language tour companies. We were founded in 1988 by Patrick Holder, a history graduate and former rugby player from Britain, and his wife Gaby, a native Münchnerin. We combine the perspectives of native English-speakers with the insights of native Bavarians.

Patrick set out our founding principles: to specialise in high-quality English-language tours at a reasonable price. No gimmicks — just integrity in what we do and respect for our customers. Tragically, Patrick is no longer with us. But his principles are. Gaby is now continuing with the same vision. We have been following those principles longer — and, we believe, better — than any other local company.

We pride ourselves on consistently setting standards for others to follow. We were the first to develop local tour concepts — such as the Dachau Memorial tour in English or the day trip to Salzburg from Munich — which are now standard practice for others. We were the first to develop a relationship with the Dachau Memorial Site to ensure that guides are properly trained to the highest degree. And we were the first to be endorsed by the Rick Steves guide book.

It is a matter of great pride to us that, as we continue into our third decade in business, we continue to set new measures of excellence and remain one of the most successful and most favourably reviewed tour operators in an increasingly crowded market.

Meet the Team