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Munich Bavarian Beer Tour

Discover the beer city, Munich!

Kurze Details

  • Welcome beer
  • Entrance + private tour of Beer and Oktoberfest Museum
  • Beer Sampling (3) + Pretzel
  • Bavarian Food Platter in central Munich beer hall
  • Hofbräuhaus – the world’s most famous beer hall
Adult Ages 16+
Student Must bring valid ID

Munich Beer Tour in English

Join us for the most fun evening you’ll have in Munich, eating and drinking in the company of fellow travellers and our expert guide. We are here to help you during the Munich Beer Tour to experience the best of Bavarian beer and food, in some of the best spots in the historic old town, and we’ll tell you all about its rich history while you do so.

We’ll show you why we live in the world capital of beer and brewing. Munich is the home of beer halls, of beer gardens – and, of course, of Oktoberfest.

We’ll bring you to the beautiful Beer and Oktoberfest Museum and give you the history of beer in Bavaria – the oldest and most celebrated beer and brewing culture in all of Germany. It’s a much older story than Oktoberfest and beer halls. The Bavarians learned to brew excellent beer centuries before most other settled places in Europe. When the great historic institution of the monastic brewery was established in the middle ages, local people had already known for centuries how to brew fine beer. The brewery is as ancient an institution here as the Church.

Munich is the world capital of beer.

Its beer halls have been serving exquisite beer and food for centuries, and it is the home town of the world’s biggest beer festival: Oktoberfest.

After the tour of the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, we’ll have a tasting session. While you are tasting the best beer any local brewery can provide, we’ll tell you all about it. The secrets of how to brew great beer, and the variety of beer that is produced in a typical local brewery.
We’ll also tell you what a local brewery must do to gain the right to serve its beer in Oktoberfest (there are strict rules), and how each of the great beer halls you see all over the city are attached to a particular brewery.

Next we’ll bring you to a classic local beer hall/restaurant for a food platter of traditional, hearty “Bräuhaus” food. And afterwards, we’ll finish at the most famous “Bräuhaus” of them all – the Hofbräuhaus. The gigantic drinking hall of the venerable Hofbräu brewery is the most celebrated in Germany (and therefore the world). No Munich Beer Tour would be complete without a visit to the great shrine to German beer. There you can down a “Maß” litre, and appreciate it all the more after everything you have learned on the tour about the 500 year old “Reinheitsgebot” Purity Law that the brewery continues to obey – and which underpins the centures of tradition behind the great time you are having!

Private tour of Beer Museum, beer-tasting and food platter included

Not suitable for stag parties.