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The best way to visit Neuschwanstein castle – tips for a perfect day trip



Neuschwanstein is Europe’s must-see fairy-tale castle. Nestled in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, this fantasy masterpiece inspired Walt Disney, and is a must-visit for anyone exploring the region. Neuschwanstein Castle, often simply referred to as Neuschwanstein, is an iconic symbol of 19th century Romanticism and the epitome of a dreamy castle setting. Planning the perfect day trip to this breathtaking landmark is essential for an unforgettable experience.

Neuschwanstein is a vision of elegance and grandeur. With its soaring turrets and ornate facades towering on a mountain ledge above the Alpsee lake, it looks like an illustration from a childhood storybook. This majestic vision was born of the imagination of King Ludwig II, and stands as an enduring symbol of his passion for art and culture.

  1. Plan ahead. Neuschwanstein Castle is an immensely popular tourist destination. To ensure a smooth visit, plan your trip in advance. Book your tickets online to avoid long queues, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  2. Hohenschwangau or Neuschwanstein? Don’t confuse Neuschwanstein with the nearby Hohenschwangau Castle. While both castles are worth visiting, Neuschwanstein is the true fairytale experience.
  3. Getting there. There are hourly trains from Munich. The journey to Füssen, the nearest town, takes around two hours, and is covered on the very cost-efficient Bayern Ticket system which permits full-day travel on regional trains at a bargain price. From Füssen train station, a regular bus service takes you to the Hohenschwangau location, from which Neuschwanstein Castle can be reached. Once there, you options to het uphill are to walk, take the horse-drawn carriage, or jump on a shuttle bus.
  4. Guided tours. The interior of the castle can only be seen on an official guided tour. The ticket office is at the bottom of the hill, close to where the bus lets you off. Be warned: the lines are long.
  5. Start early. Begin your day trip early to avoid the crowds and secure the best views. Whether by train, bus, or car, the journey takes you through a delightful Alpine landscape, so savour the experience.
  6. Capture the magic. Don’t forget your camera. Neuschwanstein Castle offers captivating views at every turn. And don’t forget to walk uphill above the castle to the Marienbrücke suspension bridge above the Pollat gorge for the most stunning and picture-perfect photo opportunities.
  7. Pack snacks and drinks. There are limited dining options near the castle, so maybe pack some snacks and water to keep your energy up.
  8. Comfortable footwear. Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking uphill to reach the castle. The views are worth it, though!
  9. Respect the castle. While visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, respect the rules and guidelines in place to preserve this historical treasure. Don’t touch or lean on the castle walls and refrain from taking photographs inside the castle’s interior.
  10. Want to do all of the above without having to sweat the details and have someone else take care of everything? Then come on the Radius Neuschwanstein Castle Tour! Our Day Tour takes care of everything – entrance fees, skip-the-line service for the internal castle tour, our own expert guides, the lot!

Neuschwanstein Castle is your essential Bavarian experience. You have not “done” Bavaria if you have not visited Neuschwanstein Castle. It appears on the cover of nearly every guide book for Bavaria and Germany for a reason. Contact us here at Radius, and we’ll open the door to Germany’s greatest treasure for you.