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  • Sells Out Early

Oktoberfest – The World-Famous Party

Guaranteed seats at a reserved table

Quick Details

  • A guided tour of the grounds, telling you all you need to know about the world’s greatest beer festival
  • A ride on the famous ferris wheel
  • Seats at our private reserved table — guaranteed places for up to five hours in the Hofbräu tent, sister to the legendary Hofbräuhaus and the biggest and most popular tent at Oktoberfest
  • Your first 2 litres of beer
  • Half a roast chicken

(In that order. It wouldn’t work so well if the ferris wheel came last.)

Adult Ages 16+

Oktoberfest Tour and Celebration in Munich

The Radius Oktoberfest Tour offers you something special: guaranteed seats (from noon to 5 pm) at our own reserved table in the biggest and most popular tent in Oktoberfest, Hofbräu tent!

Every year, it gets more difficult to find a seat, but we provide you with a guaranteed reservation. Come live the Oktoberfest experience you’ve dreamed of.

About Oktoberfest:

  • The world’s biggest beer festival
  • Over 6 million litres of beer served
  • Over half a million portions of roast chicken
  • Over 140.000 pork sausages

About Hofbräu Tent:

  • The biggest beer tent at the festival
  • Total capacity: almost 10.000
  • Standing area in front of band
  • The most popular with visitors