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  • Sells Out Early

Oktoberfest Tour – Experience The World-Famous Party

Guaranteed seats at a reserved table

Quick Details

  • Full package – tour + tent + beer
  • Guaranteed seats at our own private reserved table
  • The Hofbräu Tent – the biggest and most popular tent in Oktoberfest
  • Guided tour of the festival grounds
  • Two litres of beer and half a roast chicken
Adult Ages 16+

Oktoberfest Tour

Reserve your place early to be one of the limited few guests to join us on our exclusive Oktoberfest Tour – an Access All Areas pass to the world’s greatest party.

It’s back! The world’s greatest festival returns in 2024, bigger, brighter and more popular than ever. Secure your place in advance with Radius.

The awesome German festival of beer, fun and frolics in dirndls and lederhosen. All the world comes to Munich for Oktoberfest. And all the world wants seats in the tents. Which means you need to come on our tour if you want to guarantee a place – we have our own tables in one of the greatest of all Oktoberfest’s tents: the fabled Hofbräu tent!

We’ll begin with a tour of the grounds on the Theresienwiese, and let you soak up the pulsing atmosphere. People from all over the world, families, traditional Bavarian dress on full display, the rides, the stalls, the tents, the food, the drink, and all the colour and joy of 200 years of celebration. Once experienced, never forgotten! All the world want to travel to Germany for Oktoberfest and experience the best of Bavarian hospitality and the best of German beer.

Germany is the home of beer, and Munich is the home of German beer. Oktoberfest is Munich’s great celebration of its status as the world capital of beer. Our daily trips to the great beer festival on the Theresienwiese will bring it all to you – the beer, the beer tents, and all the fantastic atmosphere in our own reserved box in the most fun tent of them all.

Oktoberfest is not just about beer. Oktoberfest is also a great family festival. In addition to the many beer tents and beer stalls, there are also endless opportunities to indulge in all the fun of Bavarian culture – Bavarian traditional dress, food, the ‘Oide Wiesn’ recreation of the 19th century Oktoberfest, and the many fairground attractions. Travel there with us, because our package makes sure you know about it all.

The highpoint of our trips to Oktoberfest is without doubt our reserved table in the Hofbräu tent close by the iconic Bavaria statue (the tent of the world famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall, and the most fun of all the beer tents in Oktoberfest). Here we’ll raise our first beer glass and toast ‘Ein Prosit’ (German for cheers!) to Oktoberfest, Germany and German food and drink!

Travel to Oktoberfest with Radius, because our package is the best. If Munich and Oktobefest is on your bucket list, we know exactly what you are looking for. We have been bringing people to the great beer festival on the Theresienwiese for years, and we know why they travel from all over the world to be here. Our package is designed to ensure you miss nothing from Munich and the world’s great celebration of life and fun and beer. When it comes to Munich and beer, we are the experts!

Very few tour operators have privileged access to the great Hofbräu tent. That is what makes our Oktoberfest experience so special. Our tent represents everything Oktoberfest is about. Of all Oktoberfest tents, it is ‘the one.’ Oktoberfest is about the good things in life and Oktoberfest is about fun. Travel to the heart of it with Radius.

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