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Munich to Nuremberg Day Trip & Tour

Join us on a one-of-a-kind day trip to the "most German of German cities"

Quick Details

  • Transport by train
  • Guided tour through Nuremberg
  • English-speaking guides
  • Free time to explore the city by yourself
  • A lot of information and historical facts
  • Individual advice and recommendations
Adult Ages 14+
Student Must bring valid ID
Child Ages 6-13
Infant 5 and Under

Nuremberg Day Tour from Munich in English

Nuremberg tourism is the best Germany can offer. Visiting Nuremberg brings you to the heart of Germany. Nuremberg – Nürnberg in German –  is known as “the most German of German cities.” You travel to both medieval and modern Germany when you travel to Nuremberg.

Nuremberg is the home of Albrecht Dürer (the German Michaelangelo) the famous Nürnberg Hauptmarkt with its renowned Beautiful Fountain (Schöner Brunnen), the atmospheric old St. Sebaldus Church, and some of the most romantic old medieval streets in the German-speaking world. Visiting Nuremberg is the best way to travel to old Germany. Nuremberg Tourism is among the most varied in Germany. A tourist can see the best of old Germany in the morning – follow the trail of Albrecht Dürer and his work in the Albrecht Dürer House (Albrecht-Dürer-Haus)  – before lunch in quaint old Nürnberg restaurants – some of the best in Germany – in the afternoon, and then travel on to the notorious Nazi Party Rally Grounds to see the worst of 20th century Germany. No other city in Germany gives such a varied tourist experience. Nuremberg toursim is unique.

See both sides of a city with a unique history of darkness and light – the most striking example of medieval high German culture, and also the notorious home of Nazi triumphalism.

Nuremberg – Nürnberg in German –  displays Germany in all its contrasts: medieval castles, marketplaces, breweries, stunning gothic churches – centuries of history to be seen all around in what is at the same time a modern metropolis still coming to terms with the legacy of the Third Reich. We’ll show you it all.

We’ll show you both sides of this fascinating city on a tour covering both the walled Old Town and the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

  • medieval old town
  • castle courtyards and fortifications
  • market square and seasonal markets
  • former Nazi rally grounds
  • Congress Hall of the Nazi Party

This is a fascinating day trip to Nuremberg: beautiful medieval walled city, treasure chest of the Holy Roman Empire, centre of the German Renaissance, home to both the Nuremberg Nazi Rallies and Nuremberg Trials. The scenic, comfortable express train ride takes less than two hours. Once there, our expert guide will show you the Imperial Castle from which German Emperors ruled, Gothic churches containing awe-inspiring works by the most talented German artists in history, and where the colourful markets have taken place for almost 700 years. If you like you can spend the afternoon exploring the Old Town with its fantastic regional food and drink and world-famous Christmas Markets (Christmas Markets in December, but Christmas shopping all year-round).

But we can show you more: The Nazi Party Rally Grounds, the largest Third Reich buildings left in the world, still silently testify to the megalomania of a madman. You’ll see where Stormtroopers paraded, where Adolf Hitler personally inspected columns of SS men and performed pseudo-religious cult rituals before the saluting masses. After the war, at the Nuremberg Trials, many of these sam men would finally face justice and the gallows before the eyes of the world.

Learn about the history of the city, from the days of the Holy Roman Empire to the German Renaissance, Third Reich, Nazi rallies and Nuremberg trials.

See the Imperial Castle courtyards, the Old Town Hall, the bustling Craftsmen’s Courtyard and much more. After a short lunch break in the Marketplace, at the heart of Nuremberg Old Town, the tour continues to the site of the Nuremberg Rallies, including some of the largest Third Reich remains in the world.

We use Germany’s efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation for our Nuremberg walking tours and any transport costs are included in the tour prices. Our goal is to both inform and entertain the English-speaking visitors to this great city. We offer tours led by experienced, fluent English-speaking guides and believe walking is the best way to see Nuremberg. Travel with is for an unforgettable day.

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