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Third Reich Tour

Walking tour of Munich's dark past

Quick Details

  • Walking through the history of the Third Reich with a specialist guide
  • The Hofbräuhaus beer hall where Hitler made notorious speeches
  • Brienner Strasse Gestapo HQ
  • The building where Goebbels launched Kristallnacht
  • Monuments of Nazi architecture
  • The Feldherrnhalle – location of the Beer Hall Putsch street battle
  • The Führerbau – Hitler’s HQ — the venue for the notorious Munich Agreement
  • Nazi Party district and marching grounds
  • Memorials to World War II, to victims, and to local opponents of Nazism
Adult Ages 14+
Student Must bring valid ID
Child Ages 6-13

Third Reich Walking Tour of Munich in English

Unknown to the casual tourist, many of Munich’s buildings carry the secrets of a dark past. Just eight decades ago, Adolf Hitler awarded Munich the official title “Hauptstadt der Bewegung” – the Capital of the Movement. This was the city that the Allied Supreme Commander General Eisenhower called “the cradle of the Nazi beast.”

Munich was the birthplace of Hitler’s career, the place where the Nazi Party first grew to prominence, and home to its headquarters. The voice of Adolf Hitler resounded around the public squares and streets of Munich before being heard anywhere else in Germany. As the stage upon which some of the Nazis’ most notorious crimes were launched, from Hitler’s failed Putsch to the horrific Kristallnacht — the largest anti-Semitic pogrom seen in western Europe for centuries and a dismal milestone on the road to the Holocaust — Munich was the nursery for a movement that would shake humanity with some of the most infamous and terrible events in history.

Walking through the historic streets of old Munich,  you will see the beer halls that hosted the first small gatherings of the fanatics who one day would lead the Third Reich and the places where Hitler made his first major speeches.

Walking in the footsteps of Hitler – and those who resisted him in the name of democracy – we will lead you through the streets where the Führer and his Brownshirts fought their way to power and tell you how they did it.

We show you the official Nazi Headquarters from where Hitler bullied the world.

Walking around Munich Old Town today in the streets surrounding Marienplatz, we pass many buildings that still bear the scars of the terrible World War that Hitler launched upon humanity.

The irony is that while much of central Munich was devastated by Allied bombing, many Nazi buildings survived and still stand today. And standing alongside them are memorials to the city’s many victims of Nazism, including those who sacrificed their lives in opposing Hitler’s hateful ideology. Just a few hours walking around central Munich allows us to tell you the full story.

Our Third Reich Tour is unlike any other. Nowhere else can you have a unique visitor experience like this because no other place has a history quite like this.