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Nuremberg - City of empires

Day Trip

Join us on a one-of-a-kind day trip to the "most German of German cities".

Nuremberg is one of Germany's most famous cities and its name is associated throughout the world with the drama of 20th century history. This was where the Third Reich strutted in all of its pomp against an epic backdrop of grandiose marching grounds, and this was where an international war crimes tribunal later held that same Nazi leadership to account amidst the rubble of the defeated city.

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The locations of the iconic scenes captured in films such as Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will – the rally grounds where Hitler addressed his multitudes, the astonishing Congress Hall, the entire region designed as a "new Rome" by the architect Albert Speer – are still largely intact. We'll take you there and tell you the story.

There is much more to see, however. Nuremberg is an old and beautiful city with a rich and vibrant history. We also want to show you the other Nuremberg that locals are rightly proud of. The massive medieval fortifications of the striking old town, magnificent gothic churches, colourful market places (including the renowned Christmas Market), and hilltop castle of the old imperial city are as awe-inspiring today as ever.

Today, we think of its special role in the Third Reich, but what is less widely known is its status as the "unofficial capital" of the First Reich – the first Germanic Empire that dominated central Europe for a thousand years. Nuremberg hosted the Imperial Diet (or parliament) of the Holy Roman Empire and was nominated an Imperial Free City by the Emperor Frederick II. It was a centre of cultural and intellectual vitality at the centre of major imperial trade routes. It played a key role in the Reformation, and in the printing and scientific revolutions that shaped the modern world. It was the home of one of Germany's oldest Jewish communities.

It was this august history that Hitler tried to appropriate for his own purposes by transforming 11 square kilometres of the city into the vast Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It was the old seat of the imperial parliament whose legacy he sought to distort by having it host the special sitting of his puppet Reichstag that passed the notorious "Nuremberg race laws" that framed citizenship according to race, denied citizenship to Jewish Germans and were an ominous prelude to the coming Holocaust.

Our expert guide will accompany you on the pleasant/relaxing 1.5 hour train journey from Munich and back again, and give you a comprehensive tour through this fascinating and very unique city.

  • Historic Old Town
  • St. Sebald Church
  • Marketplace
  • Christmas Market (Nov. 30- Dec. 23)
  • Congress Hall of the Nazi Party
  • Party Rally Grounds

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