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Salzburg - spend a day in Austria

Day Trip

A day trip to one of the jewels in the crown of Europe.

A city so special they named it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salzburg is famed for its old world glamour, made all the more striking by the majestic backdrop of snow-capped Alps.

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It is the home town of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Would you like to visit his place of birth, his residence, the streets he walked and the cafes he drank in? We’ll take you there.

Salzburg is also one of the most popular set-jetting or “movie tourism” destinations in the world for one simple reason – The Sound of Music. We’ll show you sites you’ll remember from the silver screen, such as the beautiful Mirabelle Gardens where Julie Andrews and the children were filmed singing Do-Re-Mi.

And yet so much more. One of the finest preserved medieval “old towns” in Europe, criss-crossed with romantic winding shopping streets and venerable market places and adorned with outstanding architectural monuments of the later baroque era. Piazzas and fountains, the stunning Domkirche Cathedral, palaces, pleasure gardens, churches, monasteries and catacombs, confectionaries and patisseries, the oldest restaurant in the continent. And towering above it all, the breathtaking 900 year old fortress Festung Hohensalzburg: the magnificent edifice that dominates the city’s skyline – and is itself framed by the spectacular encirclement of mountains stretching into the horizon.

Our expert guide will bring you on a 2 hour train ride from Munich to Austria and back again and put their knowledge of the city and what is best to see and do at your service. We’ll provide you with a map and give you a 1.5 hour orientation tour through the major sites. You’ll then have 3 hours to explore the city for yourself before meeting up for the return journey.

We have the inside knowledge of what to see and where to go and are dedicated to helping you experience the city by the most convenient and most efficient means.

  • Don't forget to bring a passport or ID.
  • Escorted by a local English speaking guide.
  • 1,5 hours Orientation walking tour in Salzburg.
  • All transport included in price and organised by guide.
  • Personal and individual advice and recommendations.
  • Free Salzburg map.

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