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Neuschwanstein Castle

Day Trip

Voted the 8th wonder of the modern world.

Two hours from Munich, the enchanting old-world town of Füssen lies in the foot hills of the Alps, framed by one of the most breathtaking natural settings in the world. Towering far above the village, seemingly sculpted out of the very mountains that rise magnificently to the heavens, is a sight made from the stuff of dreams: the fabulous and ethereal Neuschwanstein Castle.

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This glorious folly was built in the 19th century by the famed "mad" King Ludwig II, a man intoxicated by mythology and who himself became a legend. The shimmering white towers of the castle among the clouds are instantly recognisable to many who haven’t ever heard the name Neuschwanstein. It is the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle, and is famous the world over as the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle.

To visit it is to step inside a fairy tale.

Our guide will bring you on the train journey from Munich and back again and accompany you uphill to the castle’s lofty perch, where it sits gleaming above a spectacular panorama of mountains, lakes and valleys. It’s not just about the castle – it’s also about its wonderful location. We’ll take you to the best vantage points: the lake (if time and weather permits we can try the water for a swim), the postcard-perfect view of the equally beautiful Hohenschwangau Castle, the waterfall gorge, the stunning views from the Marienbrücke bridge suspended high over it all.

While you are marvelling at the beauty all around, our guide will tell you the engaging story of King Ludwig’s renowned and tragic reign, of his turbulent times, and of the obsession that drove him to build his fantasy castle in the mountains and ultimately destroyed him.

We will also ensure that you don’t have to wait in line for the separate internal tour of the king’s private chambers by a specialist castle guide.

Our tour is the most practical way to enter the fantasy-world.

Please note this tour does involve an uphill walk of approximately 20 minutes. If you prefer not to walk uphill, there are alternative options of a horse-drawn carriage or a bus. Even with these options, however, some walking is still necessary, and the availability of these can be limited at particularly busy times.

  • English-speaking guide
  • Don’t forget to bring appropriate footwear.
  • perfect external views of neighbouring Hohenschwangau castle
  • Tour of scenic vantage points in the castle’s surroundings.
  • Transport on the 2 hour train journey and back again. All costs included in price.
  • Advance reservation “queue-jumping” service for internal castle tour.

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