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After the Munich Oktoberfest Is Before the Wiesn!

Munich Walking Tour

Our Wiesntrailer

The Munich Oktoberfest is by far the most famous beer festival in the world. Over six million litres of traditional Bavarian Beer and more than half a million grilled chickens are consumed there, over a period of sixteen days. Not to mention the sausages, the pretzels, the sugar-coated almonds, over a hundred oxen, countless pigs and much more.

The RADIUS TOURS team of guides accompanies you, explain the historical background and goes through the many superlatives associated with the present day festival.

You`ll hear a plethora of entertaining and surprising stories surrounding the event after walking through the grounds have a spin on the ferris wheel and take in a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Back at ground level you`ll pass the huge tents belonging to the large Munich breweries which themselves provide fascinating stories.

We have our own reserved tables in a special box in the Hofbräu tent directly beneath the spot from which live tv broadcasts are made. While there you`ll have time to enjoy two litres of beer and half a grilled chicken, which are included in the price of your tour.

Later on why not take a stroll around the fest and admire the colourful scenes enhanced by the evening darkness. A little later the party really gets underway. From hour to hour it becomes louder and wilder until people are dancing on the benches.