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New Commercial Movie for Munich

Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Oktoberfest, funfair at dusk

Students from the Media -University in Munich have created a James Bond-like movie to show the daily stress of a tour guide in Munich.

The movie shows in a funny and fast-paced way, how big the love for Munich can be with the classic Munich tourist.

Director is Nils Keller, produced by Max Traub and Leon Hellmann, from the Cellardor Movie GbR and the scenes have been captured by Karl Kürten.

The classic tour guide we all know deals with problems the majority of us knows, but there is also the other side, which shows how hard it can be and it shows that tourguiding in Munich could compete with any national Olympic sprinting team. Who knows where the job will take us?

The 2-minute long movie shows the agend-styled like of the Munich tour guides, hunting down our fellow tourists, only to let them know : You are always welcome to return – and please bring your friends and family! During the race the focus is on some of Munichs big tourist attractions, the Königsplatz, the Olympic grounds of 1972, the English Garden and also the well known Sea Life Center.

Bus this James Bond scene is without all the usual shooting action, and it rather shows the “License to stay”.

With these scenes it makes it even harder for tourists and visitors to leave our beautiful Munich.