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The Top Five Things to Do in Munich in Winter


The great thing about Munich is that it is a city for all seasons. In spring and summer, it’s one of the most popular outdoors cities in Europe, with an endless choice of parks, beer gardens, cycle paths, riverside walks and streetside cafes.

In autumn, our streets are gilded in a carpet of colour to rival the famous New England Fall in the US. And winter? Munich is made for winter. Here we give our top 5 tips for what to do in Munich in winter.

The Munich Christmas Markets

From the end of November until the 23rd December, the 600 year old Christmas market transforms Munich into a Christmas card. Wooden cabins selling old fashioned crafts, decorations and toys fill the streets of the historic old town, jostling for space with food and drink stalls and happy locals enjoying hot spiced wine in the chill air. Experience it on our bestseller tour.

Winter Sports in Munich

Why not go to a beer garden on a typical snowy Munich winter day? Yes, beer garden. Famous traditional beer gardens such as the Augustinerkeller and the Löwenbraukeller transform into curling rinks in winter. Reserve a spot, grab a hot wine, and have the unique experience of ice-bowling in a beer garden. Or alternatively, go ice-skating in Karlsplatz. Or do both on the Nymphenberg Canal.

And if that’s not enough …. well, some of Europe’s best Alpine skiing is an hour’s drive away.

Eat and Drink

Hey, this is Munich. And those old, cosy, wood-panelled Gästehaus and beer halls were built by people who liked to warm their souls with hearty Bavarian food and beer while winter raged outside. Munich is a great outdoors city in summer, and an equally great indoors city in winter. Experience this on our Bavarian Beer and Food Tour.

Visit a Museum

Speaking of which, there is no better way to escape the cold than to spend an afternoon in one of the endless varieties of museum, gallery or royal palace in the centre of town. The Kunstareal art district near Königsplatz is a good example: a collection of art galleries within walking distance of each other that cover the history of art from ancient Egypt to yesterday. Munich’s museums are great for history lovers, great for art lovers, and great for central heating.

New Year’s Eve at the Olympic Park

If you are lucky enough to be here at ‘Silvester’ (New Year’s Eve in Germany), you’ll witness the entire city go firework crazy at midnight, exploding in an intense, colourful, noisy (and borderline intimidating) display of celebration and ordnance. One of the best spots to see it is at the ‘Olympiaberg’ Olympic Hill, where you’ll have the best panoramic views in the presence of great numbers of fellow revellers.